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Do it yourself home remodeling, renovations, office or restaurant design? Modern interior design has taught us that our homes and offices no longer need to be boring, white-walled live-in boxes with little or no interesting features. Ceiling remodels are often overlooked until the plain white or crackled surface starts to weigh on an otherwise fashionable room's décor. Don't wait until then; include a ceiling remodel in your renovation plans or consider using it to update a room when a full-scale remodel isn't in the works.

Our beautiful ceiling finishes

Are the perfect solution and are a perfect match for your creative design ideas! With a wide range of plaster tiles and plaster finishes, allow the creation of sound-absorbing ceilings and insulation to suit the aesthetic and technical requirements of different working environments: offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, classrooms, swimming pools, industrial environments, hospitals and more. In addition to the ceiling tiles and plaster finishes, crown molding can be installed around the perimeter of the ceiling to provide a distinguished barrier between the wall and the ceiling. There are many beautiful ceiling tile designs in most any color so be limited only by your imagination. Please browse our Web Site. We encourage viewing our Gallery of many completed projects by our many satisfied customers who were kind to share pictures of their completed projects.


Throughout history, the ceiling has been everything from the inspiring force in a design to a forgotten element in the building, and right back again. Ceilings have frequently been decorated with fresco paintings, tiles and other surface treatments. It has been home to some of the world's greatest works of art and architecture. Many historic buildings have celebrated ceilings. Perhaps the most famous is the Sistine Chapel ceiling by Michelangelo. Decorated ceiling design has come back into style for 21st century residential and commercial applications. Ornate and decorative ceilings were popular in Victorian homes, theaters and hotels.

Ceiling tiles and panels

Have also been used in dropped or suspended false ceilings in commercial buildings to hide things like electrical wiring, pipes, duct work and insulation. Today, many homeowners are embracing the vintage look of tin ceilings and the ornate, carved plaster ceilings of a bygone era. Ceiling tiles can be used on much more than just ceilings. One of the most amazing aspects about decorative ceiling tiles is the ability to use them in a variety of creative, artistic applications. Ceiling tiles can be easily cut and applied to almost any surface as a decorative embellishment. Decorative tiles provide the versatility and flexibility to meet any space requirement. Hundreds of high quality, wide range color and texture finishes set your design free. Whether you want the vintage look of a classic Victorian estate or a modern, designer look in your home, ceiling tiles are an easy, affordable way to create a unique look wherever you use them.

Size and Price

Venetian Plaster

2'x2' $30-40
2'x4' $65-75


2'x2' $35-40
2'x4' $70-80


2'x2' $30-35
2'x4' $50-60


2'x2' $35-45
2'x4' $75-85

Faux Bais

2'x2' $35-40
2'x4' $65-75